About Us

Who We Are
United Bethel Mennonite Church is a family of several hundred Christians centered in Plain City, Ohio.  From our humble beginnings – worshiping in homes and a “basement church” – to our present modern facility with seating for 500 people, our emphasis has been on staying true to God’s Word and avoiding the cultural acclimation so common in churches today. 

We accept the Scriptures as the inspired, authoritative Word of God, and we trust the Holy Spirit as the infallible Guide to lead people to faith in Christ and to guide them in a life of Christian discipleship.  We strive to honor our Anabaptist forefathers and the deep convictions that they held, but even more we want to follow what the first readers of the Holy Scriptures would have understood them to mean. In support of these goals, United Bethel is affiliated with the Biblical Mennonite Alliance (BMA).  If you are looking for information about conservative Mennonites, you can visit the conference website.

What We Do
We hold a wide range of regular activities, including Sunday morning church services, Sunday evening programs, Wednesday evening prayer meetings, and house fellowships (small groups of church members meeting in a home). 

United Bethel exists not only to foster personal holiness among its members, but also to participate in various ministries to the world about us. We are actively involved in various outreach projects locally, and some of our members are serving as long-term missionaries in India, Sudan, Ethiopia, and other countries. Our mission budget also supports the work of local ministries as well more distant areas both domestic and international.

Our Leadership

The church is led by a senior pastor, Lonnie Miller, three assistant pastors (Wes Helmuth, Doran Gingerich, and Wendell Gingerich), and seven elders, including a youth elder.  In order to foster community and a greater sense of personal belonging, the church is divided into nine house fellowships, each led by a member of the leadership team.